Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V. is responsible for following the Health Care Products business of Kaneka Corporation in the European market.  
Kaneka Coenzyme Q10™ Functional Food Ingredients
Kaneka Coenzyme Q10 is a 100% natural functional food ingredient fermented from yeast and identical to our own body’s Q10.  This ingredient draws interest for use in various applications such as supplements, foods, beverage, cosmetics etc.

Kaneka also manufactures Ubiquinol (Kaneka QH™), the biological active form of Q10.

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AMMPA Kaneka™ , Kaneka™ AL-1 and AL-2 , Azetidon-Kaneka™ Fine Chemicals
Kaneka Corporation Fine Chemicals Division is dedicated to the development of world-class technology in the field of chirality and continuously strives to maintain our leading position through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products.
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KANEKA Plasmapheresis System Medical Devices
Kaneka Corporation is one of the pioneers developing and commercializing therapeutic apheresis products represented by Liposorber® for LDL-apheresis system and Selesorb® for autoimmune diseases. 
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Our new product lines are on catheters for percutaneous angioplasty in the field of interventional cardiology, neurology and radiology.

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