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New Business

Kaneka will keep establishing competitive business in expanding fields, in order to grow and advance significantly as a global business. Combining our diverse technological abilities, we will enter new business fields.

By further enhancing our key technologies in the fields of macromolecules, fermentation and bioscience, Kaneka is exploring new possibilities beyond the traditional boundaries of chemistry.

The new Business Development Department of Kaneka Belgium plays a key role for the early stage marketing of the new products in the European market. The ultimate goal is to bring new products with added value to the commercial status.

Today’s new products portfolio consists of: 
  • Kaneka Biopolymer AONILEX™: a novel, completely bio-based biopolymer
  • Kaneka OLED Lighting Panel: this organic semi conductor will become the next generation light source for various lighting applications. Kaneka provides the first line-up of five colours in OLED Lighting panels – warm white, red, amber, blue and green  
  • THERMAL SOLUTIONS: a series of thermal conductive materials to manage the heat problems in electronic and electrical devices
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