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Thermal Solutions

Electrical devices are becoming more compact and thinner, while the functionality is further increasing.  By this, the development of thermal solutions for efficient heat transfer and diffusion is more and more an important issue.  Kaneka is carrying forward the development of thermally conductive materials based on their original technologies.

Graphinity - High thermal-conductive graphite sheet

Based on our macromolecular design and high-temperature sintering technologies, Kaneka developed graphite sheets that have high resistance to heat and high levels of crystallization.  They have a thermal conductivity that is three times that of copper and a high degree of flexibility.  This material is providing its powerful heat dispersion and diffusion abilities in various applications including mobile electronic devices.

Thermally Conductive Plastics

Based on their internal compounding technology, Kaneka is producing thermal conductive plastics. Several compounds are available, such as white compounds with electrical insulation properties, applicable for different applications including lighting.

Thermally conductive RTV Elastomers

Based on Kaneka’s reactive oligomers, a non-silicone thermally conductive RTV (room temperature vulcanization) elastomers have been worked.  The one component material is moisture curable and is suitable as TIM (thermal interface material) and potting material.
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