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07.02.2018 | Lean & Green certification for Kaneka Belgium

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Westerlo, 07 February 2018 – Yesterday, 06 February 2018, Kaneka Belgium received the ‘Lean & Green’ Certificate for committing itself to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption of its logistic processes by 20% over five years.

Today, Kaneka Belgium may officially call itself ‘Lean & Green.’ Kaneka was requested to submit a detailed action plan to VIL, the former Flemish Institute of Logistics. Meanwhile, those action plans were evaluated and positively assessed.

Kaneka set itself a five-year goal of realizing a CO2 reduction of 14 kg CO2 / 1000 kg sold products, or 22.1% reduction in its logistic processes. The company will significantly reduce road transport to the port(s) by maximizing inland shipping and rail transport. In line with its 'green procurement' strategy, Kaneka Belgium is aiming to optimize cross-company partnerships in multimodal freight transport.  Moreover, Kaneka has recently opened a new, onsite distribution center, resulting in a decreased number of shuttle transports to external warehouses.

The full press release article (NL) can be downloaded here.