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Kaneka's Ocean Pledge @ EU Event Malta

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Kaneka has participated at "Our Oceans" Conference in Malta hosted by the EU Commission, by stating a commitment towards sustainable actions and investments in innovative solutions to ensure a future for Our Oceans.

Kaneka announced that within the coming 3 years they will support the development of PHBH based marine biodegradable applications to reduce the environmental impact of plastic leakage in the ocean. Kaneka will further work-out the industrial scale production of the biodegradable polymer PHBH, a polyhydroxyalkanoate, which is a natural polymer produced by the metabolism of micro-organisms. It will also further study the biodegradation and eco toxicity of PHBH related applications which will be used not only in the marine field but also in other industrial and consumer product.

This commitment is also published together with nearly 300 other commitments on the website of Our Ocean 2017: