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Every day you come into contact with products and applications that have their origin at Kaneka Belgium. We supply intermediates for the manufacturing of products in a variety of industries, including the environmental and energy sector, automotive, construction, information and telecommunication. Our innovative products help improving the quality of life and comfort of people and contribute to a healthier ecosystem.

Our production site in Oevel consists of three production units:

High Performance Polymers

High Performance Polymers are polymers used as additive for a variety of PVC products. These additives make PVC-products stronger, more resistant to the damaging effects of UV-light; and increase the workability of these PVC products.


EPERAN forms the basis for lightweight, environmentally friendly and recyclable foam, shock-absorbing packaging and automotive parts.

Liquid Polymers

Liquid Polymers are used as the basis for silicones, adhesives and sealants with applications in the transportation, construction and do-it-yourself markets.

As organization we continuously invest in the development of new products with added value that improve quality of life.