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Impact Modifiers

What are Impact Modifiers?

In the functional sense, impact modifiers are additives added to improve the toughness of a variety of plastic resins. Supported by our unique polymerization technology platform and our market-oriented research & development we can offer our customers an optimized range of Kane Ace™ impact modifiers for a wide variety of applications.

Impact Modifiers for PVC

The Kane Ace acrylic impact modifier portfolio has grown to become the market’s best-performing series for outdoor, durable PVC applications. This leading role is thanks to its remarkable combination of impact performance, gloss properties and excellent weatherability, resulting in an outstanding cost-performance ratio.
Typical applications are: window profiles, sidings, pipes and furniture sheets.

The optimized Kane Ace™ MBS impact modifier range is tailor-made for the specific needs for rigid and semi-rigid indoor PVC applications, whether the requirement is extreme impact resistance or guaranteed high transparency. 
Typical applications are sheets, food-packaging film, bottles, blister packs, pipes and fittings. 

Impact Modifiers for Engineering Plastics

Impact modifiers used to improve the impact performance of engineering plastics, such as polyesters, polyamides and polycarbonate blends. They provide an excellent balance of impact resistance, modulus and viscosity with an extraordinary good retention of heat distortion temperatures.

Impact Modifiers for Epoxy Resins

The revolutionary liquid impact modifiers of our Kane Ace™ MX series, achieve highly improved strength and endurance without losing the heat resistant characteristics of epoxy resins.  Used in applications that require light weight, collision safety and other features, we expect a promising future for this product.

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