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Liquid Polymers

Liquid Polymers at a glance

Kaneka MS Polymer™

Kaneka MS Polymer™ is widely recognized as the premium choice of base resin for producing sealants, adhesives, coatings, … Its unique properties enable MS Sealant (the sealant based on Kaneka MS Polymers) to deliver outstanding performances for construction, industry, flooring, waterproofing, DIY and consumer markets, as widely recognised by formulators, applicators, designers and engineers throughout the world.
The functionalised polyether backbone with methoxysilane terminal groups provides excellent performances and makes MS Polymer-based products unique and beneficial. A broad range of grades are available, differentiated in the degree of functionalisation and backbone structure in a wide viscosity range.
A tool box of polymers is offered to the formulator to design moisture curable products matching all desired requirements.   


Kaneka XMAP™ is a telechelic polyacrylate which can cure through three different routes, namely condensation, addition or radical curing process, depending on the requirements. As a raw material base polymer, it offers to the finished products excellent performance in weatherability, heat resistance, oil resistance, high gel percentage and low compression set. The excellent performance of XMAP-based cured materials can be optimised for a variety of applications such as sealants, adhesives, coatings, gaskets and pottings.  Kaneka XMAP™ is made by a state-of-the-art living radical polymerisation technology, under which the polyacrylate polymer has a well-controlled structure, i.e. designed backbone, narrow polydispersity and high functionality.


Kaneka GEMLAC™ is an acrylic silicon polymer (siloxane crosslinking type) used as a main raw material for paints and coatings. Thanks to its stable siloxane bond, Kaneka GEMLAC™ provides the formulated paints and coatings with good weather resistance.

Kane Ace™ MX

Kane Ace™ MX is Kaneka's novel core shell rubber (CSR) toughening system for thermosetting resins, such as epoxy. It is a predispersed CSR Masterbatch which enhances the physical properties of the resins through optimal dispersion of core-shell particles.
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