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Kaneka GEMLAC™

What is Kaneka Gemlac™?

KANEKA GEMLAC™  is an acrylic silicon polymer (siloxane crosslinking type) used as a main raw material for paints and coatings. Thanks to its stable siloxane bond, Kaneka GEMLAC™ provides the formulated paints and coatings with good weather resistance.

For cool roof applications

Water-borne type (download brochure)

Kaneka GemlacTM for waterborne paints has been newly developed by successful stabilization of the reactive silicon functional group in water. Stain resistant function was also added to Kaneka GemlacTM which is used for topcoat of building exterior walls.

  • Stain resistance of Kaneka GemlacTM useful to design cool roof paints
  • keeping high solar reflectance for a long time
  • irrespective of paint’s color/L value
Enhanced water resistance
For desired extension of building’s life time, Kaneka GemlacTM further enhanced in weather resistance comparable to fluoro and organic/inorganic hybrid type paints also developed while the stain resistance is well kept.

UV curable type (download brochure)

Cutting edge technology based on Kaneka’s silicon chemistry!
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