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Waste management has become a major global issue. Because reducing waste leads to improving global sustainability through resource savings, cost reduction, and CO2 emissions reduction, Kaneka is pursuing waste reduction on a company-wide basis. We are pursuing activities at each production facility, mainly through the "3R" approach to achieve waste reduction and recycling of materials. We also facilitate continuous improvement activities through process analysis. We use our innovative chemistry to develop new materials for sustainable waste management.

New business development

Green Planet™ | Bio-based and biodegradable packaging materials

Inspired by the circular economy model of packaging, Kaneka developed a revolutionary sustainable (food) packaging material, which is not only recyclable through composting, but as well biodegradable in natural environments, including marine waters.

KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™

KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ is particularly relevant for collection bags for green and organic waste, highly contaminated food packaging like coffee capsules or fast-food packaging, or food packaging used at events, canteens, or other closed systems - where the risks of being mixed with the recycled waste stream are low.

Compostability, particularly when there is an organic waste treatment system, helps avoid the step of separating bags and other plastic contaminants from biowaste during collection and treatment. Compostable organic waste bags also reduce the amount of organic waste that is incinerated or landfilled.

KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ - Expanded Beads

Kaneka’s unique access to both the Eperan™ foam particle technology and the KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™ has prompted us to develop and produce a bio-based and biodegradable foam particle.
It allows producing innovative foamed packaging, entirely in line with the circular economy, integrating the added value of compostability as end-of-life. It opens up new perspectives in waste management systems.

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