SIBSTAR™ is a poly-isobutylene-derived thermoplastic material with a superior gas barrier, thermal stability, chemical stability, and weatherability, combined with excellent elasticity, softness, compression set, and energy absorption capabilities.

The elastomer is utilized in various applications via extrusion, hot melt PSA, and injection methods for tubing, hose, films, sealants, adhesives, membranes, noise & vibration dampening components. Sibstar™ features food compliance, excellent sterilization behavior, printability, and good clarity. Furthermore, it is phthalate-free, BPA-free, non-halogen, and recyclable.

SIBSTAR™  Introduction



KANEKA EPION™ is a UV curable polyisobutylene liquid polymer. It provides unique properties such as flexibility, softness, high gas and water vapor barrier properties and water resistance, acid/alkali resistance, heat resistance, and UV resistance.

KANEKA EPION™ is utilized in gaskets for fuel cells, solar cells, Li-ion batteries, LCD, OLED, e-paper, or other electronics.

KANEKA EPION™ Introduction