Specialty additives

To anticipate and respond to the market requirements for polymers in today's evolving markets, we continuously strive for innovative solutions.  Our specialty additives include light diffusing agents, flame retardant agents and heat deflection modifiers.

Light Diffusing Agents

Kane Ace™ MP91

Acrylic light diffusing, matting and anti-blocking agent while maintaining good impact performance.  Offering outstanding weatherability for outdoor applications. Excellent compatibility with PMMA, PC and PVC.

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Flame Retardant Agents

Kane Ace™ MR02

Silicone-based non-halogen, non-phosphorous flame retardant with significant simultaneous impact performance and excellent thermal stability. For use in a variety of polycarbonate compounds.

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Heat Deflection Modifiers

Kaneka Telalloy™ A15

Acrylonitrile / Butadiene / Styrenic Copolymer high efficiency heat deflection modifier for opaque PVC applications.  
For extrusion and injection.


Kaneka Telalloy™ A50B

Acrylonitrile / Butadiene/ Styrenic Copolymer high efficiency heat deflection modifier for transparent PVC applications.
For calendering.