Research and Application Development

Processing MS Polymer™

To produce sealants or adhesives with Kaneka MS Polymer™, all state-of-the-art mixing processes can be applied. The flexibility and ease of handling in the production environment are important assets of the Kaneka MS Polymer™ technology.
Moreover, inline feeding techniques for additives or catalysts can be applied for Kaneka MS Polymer™-based processes, decreasing production time and facilitating the necessary cleaning of the mixer.

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The Kaneka MS Polymer™ division has a modern, fully equipped laboratory to provide a high level of technical assistance to customers. The provided service can be manifold:

  • Tailor-made polymer development (in close cooperation with Kaneka Corporation)

  • Providing specific technical training in Kaneka MS Polymer for new customers and newly hired staff at customers

  • Formulation development in close cooperation with customers

  • Support with upscaling and industrial trials by testing properties of products

  • Limited in-house scale-up of formulations

  • Providing information on raw materials for the formulation

  • Evaluation of products according to a range of ISO-/EN-/DIN-/ASTM-standards

  • Technical support to evaluate and solve specific problems